Privacy policy for "7 Billion Goblin"

Access log collection and use

In the application "7 Billion Goblin", We collect the access of everyone who uses it as a log (history). The log information uses an ID that is randomly generated by the application, so it is not information that identifies an individual. In addition, these access logs are used for analysis of server operation status and application failure information, application marketing to improve user convenience, and will not be used for any other purpose.

About Firebase

In the application "7 Billion Goblin" In addition to the above access logs, we collect and analyze access logs using Firebase. Firebase also collects logs without any personally identifiable information. The collected logs are managed based on Google's privacy policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The application operator can change the content of this privacy policy as appropriate. If you change the content of the privacy policy, we will notify you on the operator's homepage and draw your attention.

The information desk

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following contact.

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